XY S350H
2022-09-02 13:12:49


My name is Liviu Voicu, I bought recently a XY S350H 2.1 power amplifier. I am very impressed about the versatility, functions and power. Also the Sinilink App is very useful. I have a question about this amplifier: is it possible to weld/solder on the board the cable of an external bluetooth 2.4 Ghz antenna, to boost the bluetooth received signal? Where exactly I should solder the cable? Can you send me a photo with the soldering points on the board, please?

Thank you, and congratulations again for this wonderful device!

You can repply also on mail please: voicu_liv@yahoo.com 

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    2022-09-20 08:38:52
    Not yet supported, but some products can communicate through wifi
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